An inspired vision

Our cognac begins with an exceptional terroir uniquely endowed with natural qualities that seem predestined to produce an ideal balance of flavor and delicacy. Cultivated with the utmost care and attention by 150 wine growers, our grapes include Ugni Blanc, Colombard, and Folle Blanche prized for their aromatic potency.

A meticulous selection of only the finest fruit grown in Bons Bois, Fins Bois, Petite Champagne, and Grande Champagne guarantees that the bounty of the vineyard remains intact. Pressing occurs no later than two hours after harvesting, in order to protect the grapes’ intrinsic attributes.

Excellence distilled

From its inception, the House of Prince Hubert de Polignac has had a dual and complementary aim: to honor, protect, and ensure the continuity both of a precious savoir-faire and of a distinguished name.

With protection as our guide, excellence has always been our result. We work in close collaboration with 80 distillers in a longstanding relationship of reciprocal trust and a shared devotion to the highest quality.

In accordance with our Cellar Master’s vision, double distillation is 100% on the lees and is conducted swiftly in small stills, resulting in great roundness and generosity that retains the character of the grapes.

Talent and patience

Distillation is followed by aging in small oak casks until the cognac has reached its full potential, at which point it is carefully and lovingly blended. Each step is precise yet respectful, deliberate yet attentive. Our aim is to preserve and protect the essence of every grape in order to craft cognacs of surpassing quality and authenticity, cognacs that tell a story too enchanting to resist.

Aging in French oak yields delicate tannins that intermingle with luxurious aromas of vanilla, almond, prune, chocolate, and just the right amount of wood and spice, leaving a lasting impression of harmonious abundance.
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