Pursuing the legacy

A man of culture and an experienced Ambassador, Prince Hubert de Polignac left us his impertinence and his elegance, but also the oaths of protection and combat that his family has always honored. Since our House was founded in 1947, our hearts and minds have held these values dear and as we head out in a new direction, we will continue to embody this proud royal style. 

Anthony PERERA, General Manager of Maison Polignac

Eternal values

In the manner of a medieval knight, the House of Prince Hubert de Polignac has pledged its devotion to three fundamental values that together form a sacred creed: Persist, Protect, and Prosper.

Persist, because persistence in the face of hardship and in the name of a noble cause is a sign of true character. Through persistence, great achievements are made. Through persistence, security is ensured. Through persistence, a great legacy lives on.

Protect, because a knight’s first duty is to protect and defend. Throughout history, the human spirit has flourished when peace and security have reigned. Protection inspires trust. Protection liberates creativity. Protection safeguards that which we treasure the most.

Prosper, because like a kingdom governed with wisdom and protected with valor, prosperity is the reward for excellence. Prosperity enables generosity. Prosperity encourages innovation. Prosperity creates well-being for all.
Naturally, these three values set the tone for our crafting philosophy: through persistence, we maintain the authenticity and excellence of our cognacs; through protection, the vine yields the finest fruit, which we carefully blend and attentively age to perfection; through prosperity, our cognacs spread their authenticity and abundance around the world.

46 rue de l’Isle d’Or

The elegance and proud heritage of Cognac Prince Hubert de Polignac find architectural expression in the stately hôtel particulier that houses the brand’s headquarters.

Located at the very heart of Cognac’s historic center, on the evocatively-named rue de l’Isle d’Or (Golden Island Street), its chiseled stonework, ornate stained glass, marble steps, and vaulted cellars emanate the grace and refinement for which our cognac is known. Under renovation until 2024, the 46 rue de l’Isle d’Or will then welcome our cherished partners and guests with great pleasure and generosity.
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