In 2021, Maison Polignac presents its new collection of bottles.

Our new bottle features a characteristic shield shape that echoes the values and heritage of Maison Prince Hubert de Polignac.

Through our other products and creations, and thanks to the skill and talent of the glass and crystal craftsmen who shape our bottles, Prince Hubert de Polignac cognac offers every connoisseur a delicious sensory experience that not only delights the taste, the smell and sight, but also touch.

This experience continues thanks to the dexterity and precision of our suppliers and partners in corks, cases, labels and caps, with whom we take pleasure in offering you a strong spirit of innovation and very high constant quality.


Our Very Special cognac is a delightful, award-winning blend of eaux-de-vie aged in traditional French oak casks for a minimum of two years. Fruity and smooth, with a subtle touch of wood, it expresses all the lighthearted elegance of the House style.

On the palate, Prince Hubert de Polignac VS reveals notes of grape flowers, peach, and apricot, mingled with a sweet hint of vanilla, followed by a fresh, generous finish. Enjoy it neat, on ice, or in a cocktail.


Our Very Special Old Pale cognac is a masterful blend of eaux-de-vie aged in traditional French oak casks for a minimum of four years.

Complex and luxurious, it strikes a perfect balance between fruit, wood, and spice that has won multiple awards, including the title of World’s Best Cognac in 2018. Lustrous amber in color, Prince Hubert de Polignac VSOP reveals intense aromas of candied peach, fig, and plum, interwoven with notes of toast and soft caramel, followed by a long, full finish. Enjoy it neat or in a cocktail.


Our ORGANIC cognac reflects our commitment to a sustainable future.

Crafted from organically-grown grapes, Prince Hubert de Polignac ORGANIC reveals a particularly fruity character and aromas of a unique purity. Sparkling amber in color, this cognac offers aromas of citrus fruit, cinnamon, and vanilla, followed by a long, smooth, generous finish. Enjoy it neat or in a cocktail.

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Our Extra Old cognac is an invitation to discover the depth and richness that the art of aging at the House of Prince Hubert de Polignac can achieve. Exuberantly aromatic and deliciously complex, this award-winning cognac features eaux-de-vie slowly aged in traditional French oak casks for a minimum of ten years.

On the palate, Prince Hubert de Polignac XO reveals generous aromas of dried fruit, vanilla, honey, and luxurious spice. The finish is particularly long and satisfying. Enjoy it neat or on ice.


XO Royal

Royal lets its extra touch of nobility and finesse shine through in its taste. 

Tasting notes:

XO Royal reveals all the majesty of a bouquet shaped over the years with inimitable notes of candied citrus fruit, vanilla wood and spices. 

How to enjoy it?

Neat and with candied fruit.


In a reflection of its intense golden color, our EXTRA is a wonder with the depths of its aromas.

Tasting notes:

With its hints of Rancio Charentais, connoisseurs will delight in the intense aromatic profile of this grand cognac. 

How to enjoy it?

Neat with a piece of dark chocolate. 


Like a precious jewel, Réserve du Prince is unmistakable and carries you away to the Gates of Heaven.
How could you not admire the elegance of its Sèvres crystal and its straightforward eaux-de-vie blends

Tasting notes:

Its mahogany color with golden sparkles is an invitation to discover this precious assembly of eaux-de-vie that are up to 100 years old.
 An explosion of flavors. A moment of emotion.

How to enjoy it?

How could you not enjoy it!?


Indescribable except for those lucky souls who experience the joy of moistening their lips with this subtle blend of Grande Champagne from the treasures held at the Paradis du Prince…

Tasting notes:

Giving off notes of spices, vanilla and cinnamon, its incredible finish releases aromas of flowers, precious wood and Russian leather, one by one.

How to enjoy it?

Humbly, while enjoying pure Heaven! 
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