Kings of the Mountains

An illustrious name

An ancient name with origins deep within the Carolingian period, the House of Polignac is mentioned in writing as early as 860. Its knightly history is interwoven with that of the Fortress of Polignac, whose emblematic silhouette perched high atop an unassailable platform of volcanic rock still dominates the surrounding peaks and valleys of Auvergne, offering a view so breathtaking that it once inspired King Francis I to give the Polignacs the nickname “kings of the mountains.”

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French know-how

Cognac fit for a Prince

Born in 1918, Prince Hubert de Polignac was a man of culture and diplomacy as well as French Foreign Trade Counselor. An epicurean with a taste for adventure and an abiding passion for cognac, in 1947 he realized his dream of creating an eponymous brand that would embody and perpetuate his values and those of his lineage while further contributing to the glory of France and French savoir-faire.

The cognac that bears his name was quickly recognized for its excellence and soon earned the appreciation of the most notable figures of the time, including French president René Coty and King Frederick IX of Denmark, who granted a royal warrant to Cognac Prince Hubert de Polignac. Today, this exceptional cognac continues to delight connoisseurs and novices around the world with its quality, its character, and its spirit of nobility.

Origins and foundation

Our brand manifesto

We have deep roots
Polignac. A noble name, cloaked in legend and crowned with honor.
A majestic fortress, home to mountain lords.
Our Cognac perpetuates a rich legacy.

We pursue a bold vision
A passionate Prince, who realized an ambitious dream,
with quality as his muse and prestige as his reward.
Our Cognac celebrates audacity.

We are true to our ideals
From our founder’s coat of arms to the Polignac family motto, Sacer Custos Pacis,
the eternal values of Persist, Protect, and Prosper inspire all that we do.
They endow our eaux-de-vie with wondrous depth and authenticity.
Our Cognac has character.

We craft with purpose
Lovingly tended vineyards, meticulously chosen grapes, a remarkable terroir.
Artfully aged, masterfully blended, a precious savoir-faire.
Our Cognac offers a taste of perfection.

We believe in excellence
Strengthened by a glorious heritage, guided by enduring values,
Ours is a spirit of nobility, a spirit of generosity, a spirit of exception.
To experience Cognac Prince Hubert de Polignac is to discover the quality that lies within
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